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8 Best Event Live Streaming Platforms
Are you looking for the best live streaming platform for your next event? We’ve compiled the top 8 streaming platforms worth looking at.


Choosing a live-streaming platform for your event is never easy. There are many live event platforms to choose from, all of which offer different features. A live streaming service for one company might not be an excellent option for others. Your top choice will depend on your event’s purpose, size, and goals.


What to Look for in a Live Event Video Streaming Service  

Before picking an event live streaming platform, you must consider some essential things. Here are the factors:  

  • Privacy and Security – How can your audience access your live video securely? If your company, for example, offers paid online courses, protecting your live content against copying becomes even more critical.  
  • Authorization – How can your team manage the live content? Is this platform offers permission-based roles?  
  • Customization – Would this platform help you integrate your brand identity into the live broadcast?  
  • Pricing – Is this service worth the cost? Can a free platform address all the solutions I want for my event?  
  • Analytics – Does this platform offer you post-event analytics about your audience?  


After identifying the factors, let’s jump into the best event live streaming platforms in 2022. Ready? 


1. Facebook Live 

This is a popular go-to page when live streaming. Facebook has 2.91 billion monthly active users; streaming through this platform could help you reach many viewers, experiment, and track results. 


  • Cost-effective 
  • Low barrier to entry 
  • Enhances consumer engagement 
  • Video API 
  • Track analytics 


  • Low searchability  
  • Lack of SEO benefits 
  • Prohibitive policies 


2. YouTube Live 

YouTube is the best place for any video content; it is the second most visited site in the world, next to Google. Although it’s free, you’ll need to have at least 1000 subscribers to stream on mobile.


  • High searchability 
  • Monetization options 
  • Track analytics 



3. StreamYard 

StreamYard helps you reach your audiences on multiple social media platforms. This browser-based live-streaming studio lets you invite guests or speakers from another location to join your live stream.   


  • Live branding customization 
  • On-screen banners and tickets 
  • Allows simulcast streaming 
  • Viewers can leave comments, and moderators can flash them on-screen


  • Limited to 10 users per stream 
  • Compromise on quality 
  • Watermark for free plan 
  • No in-depth analytics 


4. Hopin 

If you’re more into creating exclusive events, you can consider Hopin. With Hopin, you can create live online events that are interactive and personal. Attendees can move in and out of rooms like an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections you’ve created for them. (Source: Hopin.com). 


  • Event booths and backstage features 
  • High-definition video quality 
  • Exclusivity 


  • Costs money 
  • Limited opportunity for event branding 
  • Time-consuming preproduction 


5. LinkedIn Live 

This is one of the new ways marketers can share their messages. It has various features like scheduling your live stream in advance, post-event analytics, automatic caption generator, mute viewers, video editing, and much more.  


  • Track analytics 
  • The go-to site for professionals 
  • Allows simulcast streaming 
  • Let the audience submit questions before going live. 


6. Vimeo 

Vimeo lets you broadcast high-quality videos and stream ad-free in HD so your viewers can have the best experience even with limited bandwidth. It gives companies and individuals a chance to stream privately as it allows you to set passwords, embed permissions, and use SSO to keep private streams secure. 


  • Stream from any device 
  • Real-time feedback 
  • Brand customization 
  • Allows simulcast streaming 


  • Costs money 
  • Limited analytics on lower tiers 
  • No monetization 


7. Instagram Live 

If you’re eyeing giving your followers a backstage pass or a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your business, IG Live is an excellent place to go. It injects some personality into your brand and allows your company to engage face-to-face with your audience.   


  • Followers receive alerts 
  • Replay live videos remain at the top of users’ newsfeed 
  • Connect with your audience more personally
  • Live collaborations 


  • 1-hour maximum live streaming 
  • Mobile-only broadcast 
  • No event planning features 
  • No integration 


8. IBM Cloud Video (formerly known as UStream) 

UStream, now called IBM Cloud Video, is one of the pioneers of live streaming. The platform gears toward the corporate environment. Its interface is straightforward, making it easy for first-timers to just go on the webcam and hit live.  


  • Suitable for larger clients 
  • Personalize your broadcast 
  • Ability to upload video for on-demand display. 
  • Reliable platform 


  • Additional fee for 720p and up streams 
  • Lack of closed-caption support 
  • Limited integrations 


Let’s Wrap Up 

Looking for a live streaming platform for your event can be overwhelming; it’s more than signing up, paying, and going live. But whichever platform you use, remember to ask yourself: who is your audience, what do they want, and how do you address their needs. Then, find a platform that helps you both increase brand awareness and achieve your company’s market-specific goals. 

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