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Welcome to Global Media Desk

Your go-to partner for crafting captivating brand stories.

For over 23 years, we have been providing customized and high-quality media content production services. Our team is dedicated to delivering flexible and on-demand services tailored to your unique needs. Plus, with local talent stationed all over the world, we can help you save time and costs, without compromising on quality.

Trust is the backbone of our business, and we have earned our reputation as a reliable and trusted partner for both big and small brands. Contact us today, and let's create something amazing together.

Creating Stronger Partnerships, One Step at a Time

At our core, we are passionate about providing excellent customer service, meeting our client's needs, and working hard to foster strong relationships with our clients.

production services with a personal touch

complex projects anywhere with ease

lifelong partnerships

  • Tackle your video & photo challenges head on with Global Media Desk

    Create Content Anywhere

    With 23 years experience, we’ve curated over 5,000 top creative talent in key markets around the world. Our selected partners work with us on multiple projects to ensure quality & consistency.

    Multi-Location Shoots

    Let us produce your media product customized for your brand and project goals. No costly film crew travels, no matter if shooting at one or multiple locations.

    Easily Scale Your Production

    We operate as an extension of your in-house production team to help you quickly adjust resources as needed, get projects off the ground, and keep them running smoothly - efficiently, and cost-effectively.

    Local Crews = Cost Savings

    By using our local crews and cloud footage delivery, you can shoot anywhere at affordable pricing and lower your environmental impact.

Meet Our Team

Ian Hardy
Founder & CEO

Javier Franco
Creative Operations Director

José Cádiz
Senior Content Producer

Sebastian Andreatta
International Content Producer

Erika Pereira-Colman
Assistant Content Producer

Karen Fahr
Marketing | Creative Director

Ironey Sivongsay
Account Manager