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  • Case Study: Factory tour in Taiwan


    Olsa Tools is a Canada-based company that is committed to making professional quality tools and organizers that meet and exceed the performance expectations set by larger brands but without the middleman. Their goal is to make the same calibre of products more accessible for all mechanics.

    Olsa Tools was looking to produce a 2-3 minute video that would give their customers an inside look into how their tools are made at their factory in Taichung City.


    Javier Franco, our Director of International Operations, immediately contacted our professional Taiwan-based videographer and editor with factory experience for the project.

    Our expert local videographer arrived at the factory in Taichung City and shot powerful footage of the entire tool-making process. Using the script provided by Olsa Tools, the footage went to post production and was edited to the client's specific needs.


    With Global Media Desk, Olsa Tools got an impactful video that showcased their high-quality tools and incredible production process.

  • Why Global Media Desk?

    everything managed for you

    Putting Your Brand First

    Every project is assigned a dedicated content producer to take care of everything from start to finish. Our team ensures you receive quality content that fits your brand and specifications.

    Local Crews = Local Knowledge

    Local Crews

    Our network of video creators have a deep knowledge of local customs and can help with permits, licenses and other regulations needed to get your project completed.

    Travel-free Production with Zoom

    Remote Access

    With the latest technology we can remotely patch you in on the day of the shoot, so you can monitor the entire project as it happening.

    Travel-free Production with Zoom

    Offset Carbon Footprint

    By using local video creators, you can limit air travel emissions and lower your company's carbon footprint.

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  • Javier Franco - Director of International Operations based in Oceania

    Meet Javier Franco

    Our Director of International Operations based in Asia Pacific

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    "I have been a part of the Global Media Desk family for over 10 years and have produced over 1,000 projects in countries around the world.

    My expertise is in helping producers, event coordinators, corporations and small businesses achieve their media goals. "

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