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Camera Crews in Nairobi

Get the footage you need without the hassle

It has never been easier to hire experienced and vetted camera crews in Nairobi. Simply, tell us about your project and we will provide you with Nairobi-based crews to match your brand, style, and unique needs. Best of all, we manage the entire project from start to finish.

video production in Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi Camera Crews
for all your video needs

Our crews specialize in filming a wide range of video content.

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Testimonials & Case Studies

Show clients how your company has helped clients just like them


Capture the charisma and compelling stories your subject has to tell

Hero Profiles

Profile people from anywhere around the world

Events & Conferences

Capture your event or conference in full

Video Reels

Watch a small sampling of footage from the many videos we have produced for
clients in cities and countries around the world.

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  • Why Global Media Desk?

    everything managed for you

    Putting Your Brand First

    Every project is assigned a dedicated content producer to take care of everything from start to finish. Our team ensures you receive quality content that fits your brand and specifications.

    Local Crews = Local Knowledge

    Local Crews

    Our network of video creators have a deep knowledge of local customs and can help with permits, licenses and other regulations needed to get your project completed.

    Travel-free Production with Zoom

    Remote Access

    With the latest technology we can remotely patch you in on the day of the shoot, so you can monitor the entire project as it happening.

    Travel-free Production with Zoom

    Offset Carbon Footprint

    By using local video creators, you can limit air travel emissions and lower your company's carbon footprint.

Top Camera Crews Across Kenya

We provide the best local crews in cities throughout Kenya.

  • Jose Cadiz - International Project Manager based in Mexico

    Meet José Cádiz

    Our Media Producer based in Mexico

    Linkedin | Get the Know the Global Media Desk Team/joseluiscadiz/

    "I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to live in over a score of countries where I studied, worked and made some great friends.

    At Global Media Desk I have organized and managed multiple large-scale projects. My number goal is to exceed client's expectations through diligence, attention to detail, and creative problem solving."

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