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Video is the new king.  As the accessible to the internet becomes easier and easier for people around the world the way in which we reach customers and interact with them is evolving.   A report published by Demand Metric states that 70 percent of marketers use videos in their marketing strategies and 82 percent of marketers say that video content marketing has proven to be successful.  If you haven’t jumped on the video marketing bandwagon here are some of major reasons why you should start today:

Interaction and Feedback

Video sharing is a huge part of social media, and social media is a huge part of people’s lives. Getting your product or service message out there in a fun and shareable way makes it easier for you to reach and engage with your audience.  People love to comment on videos, and those comments can help you learn more about your consumers and what direction your marketing message should take.

Appealing to Customers

We all love visuals. Nothing could be more boring to the eye than reading a long list of text, even if that text has insightful and interesting information.  Visuals and movement are just better storytellers.  An embedded video, accompanied with other content, can intrigue viewers and capture their curiosity.  Also anyone who uses a smartphone knows that it’s way easier to watch a video than to read text on a four-inch screen. People simply love video and when it exists in lieu of something not as easy to view on mobile, viewers will hit that play button.

Getting Noticed on an International Scale

Video results appear in almost 70 percent of the top 100 search listings on Google and YouTube is the second-largest search engine, meaning videos get ranked high in Google results. The more shares and interaction your video gets the better it is going to help your rankings!

Video is also appealing to global or international markets because of the way it can transcend languages and boundaries and become viral worldwide. For this reason, more and more marketers are using video as a way to tap global audiences and to bring their operations around the world into the limelight.

Best Practices

Here are a few guidelines for creating an effective video for marketing:

  • Always keep your marketing video to around 60 seconds
  • Don’t use “Flash” based videos since Flash is not viewable on Apple mobile devices
  • Design the font and image sizes in the video with mobile users in mind
  • Deliver a call to action (CTA) in the video

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