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Ever wonder why cat videos go viral? According to a recent study by the Indiana Media school, watching cute and funny cat videos boosted viewer’s energy and positively impacted their emotions. Though, we are not necessarily recommending that you add cats to your corporate videos, there are a few lessons to be learned from these furry movie stars.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to reach and engage your audience in a corporate video production.


Often times corporate videos lack a compelling story or personal perspective. We know cat videos are creating an emotional connection with their viewers, so why not take a play out of the cat video playbook? A video’s success will rely on the authenticity of the message from a real person’s point of view. Often employee stories are far more engaging than having a CEO narrate the entire story. Remember, employees are your customers too.

Campaign Goals

Determining your corporate video message is just the first step of many in creating an engaging video. Mapping out a solid script, location shoots, and storyboards can really keep your corporate video on track.

Whether you are creating a training video for employees or a product demonstration for an upcoming trade show, everything from your visuals, music, and actors should support your message and campaign goals.

Target Audience

Marketers are often tasked with creating an engaging video that targets as many people as possible. In theory this is great, but in reality it is unrealistic. Understanding and speaking to your core audience will not only help make a successful video, but also a compelling one.

The Little Things Matter

Poor video, audio, and lighting can put a damper on any well intended corporate video project. Keep in mind that lighting and sound can be greatly affected by whether your script calls for indoor or outdoor shooting. Take the time to hire the right video production crew with a quality sound engineer and professional lighting equipment.

Video Format

How will your video be shared? Today videos can be aired for television, shared on social media, or even broadcasted live at a trade show. Use teaser clips on Instagram, SnapChat, or Vine to draw your audience into your website. Post links to your company’s Linkedin page and start a group discussion. Videos can be attached to emails, newsletters, or uploaded directly to Facebook and YouTube.

The online video platform is limitless. If done properly, your corporate video can have a significant lifespan.

Looking to make a corporate video?

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