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Even as some travel restrictions begin to lift, there is still no agreed upon date of when travel will become the norm again. The good news is you don’t have to travel to make your international media project a reality. With modern technology and local on demand crews, you can get amazing results all while saving time and money.

In our latest video series we will highlight a few production hotspots – where you’ll be whisked away in a virtual journey. Our first stop – South Korea, get to know why this high-tech destination is a hotspot for international media projects.

Travel-Free Production Options

Your media project can happen without you needing to travel

Simply send us your brief and we will handle the rest with our local crews, anywhere in the world. No need for travel and no need to delay your project. We will take care of everything for you with our local teams.


You will be assigned a dedicated international project manager to take care of everything from start to finish. They will listen to your requirements, provide you with the best videographers, photographers, and crews – based on your requirements – and take care of every last detail.


Global Media Desk has spent 2 decades building an extensive network of professionals. Our media professionals have a deep knowledge of local customs and will help protect you from needless complications, while saving you time and money.


On the day of the project you can login remotely from your office and oversee the project from any device using Zoom video conferencing or a similar technology.

For those locations where a local crew is not available due to COVID-19 mandatory isolation, one of our producers can help you produce the entire shoot remotely. Contact us, we are here to help.

Local Equipment & Crews

There are a good level of professional local crews and video production teams available in South Korea. It doesn’t matter if you need a single videographer or multiple crews, Global Media Desk has been helping companies with their production needs in South Korea for over 20 years.

About Global Media Desk

Global Media Desk has been providing producers and video production companies with the best videographers, crews, photographers, and drone services around the globe since 2000. Please contact us  with any questions you may have about producing your media project remotely or shooting in another country. We are here to help.