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The drone services market is expected to reach over $127 billion dollars by the year 2020. As drone technology soars this new high-demand service provides small and large companies the ability to capture images that were once too time consuming, costly, or logistically impossible. See how the top industries are using commercial drones to improve work productivity to their businesses in our latest drone infographic.

Top Industries Using Commercial Drones (Infographic)

The Drone Revolution is Disrupting These Top Industries

Film/Photography. Drones are available to capture stunning aerial images and footage offering a new visual language.
Real Estate. From skyscrapers to golf courses, drones can photograph, prospect, and help agents advertise their properties.
News. Ability to deploy drones to cover breaking news, disasters, or war zones.
Construction Sites. Drones can monitor and survey construction progress.
First Responders. Drones are used for a variety of things ranging from forest fire fighting to disaster site rescues.
Law Enforcement. Drones can be used to combat drug trafficking across borders, bomb threats, and search and rescue operations.
Climate/Science Research. Drones assist in everything from weather patterns to counting wildlife and heard movements anywhere on the planet.
Energy. Energy companies can monitor miles of pipelines and oil rigs.
Agriculture. Drones can collect real-time data on crop health and yields.
Package Delivery. Drones can deliver food and medical supplies to remote villages around the world.

Drone Technology Advancements

As technology progresses, here are some of advancements we can expect to see developed in drones:
Increased battery life
3D mapping
Better precision
Consumer package delivery
Bandwidth availability
Obstacle avoidance
Facial recognition
Increased coverage

Interesting Drone Facts

195 UAV manufactures
U.S. controls 35% of the drone market, compared to 30% for Europe, 15% for China, and 20% for the rest of the world
Seven million consumer and commercial drones could be shipped in the U.S. by 2020
Three million drones could be flying in China by 2019
Drone manufacturing and operation could create 100,000 new jobs within 10-15 years
47 percent of Americans are interested in drone deliveries
Photography is the top industry using drones in the U.S.
Real estate is the second largest industry using drones in the U.S.

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