Top 5 Islands with the Best Film Incentives
(updated 2021)

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(updated 2021)

After 2020, who wouldn't want to get stuck on a beautiful, exotic island!  Islands around the world boost some hefty film incentives which make them that much more enticing as a shoot location. We pinpointed the top 5 islands with the best film incentives for your video production.


Feature film clout, eclectic scenery, and substantial film incentives highlight why this island nation has appealed to so many foreign productions. Located south of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has provided the backdrop for multiple high profile features, such as World War Z, Gladiator, and The Da Vinci Code.

27% Cash Rebate

  • Up to 25% cash rebate is available for all foreign feature film, television, and documentary productions.
  • 2% additional cash refund available if Malta is featured culturally in production.

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The breathtaking scenery, wide-ranging environments, and international film tax credits offered by this island nation easily earn it a spot on any location scouts must-see list. Found in the Indian Ocean and off the southeast coast of Africa, Mauritius provides majestic vistas ranging from white sand beaches and primal forests to stone-cut waterfalls and rugged peaks.

30%-40% Cash Rebate

  • A cash rebate of 30% and up to 40% for high end Feature film and TV series is reimbursed to eligible film producers on all Qualifying Production Expenditure (QPE) incurred and spent in Mauritius.
  • The Film Rebate Scheme applies to production in the category of Feature Film, Commercials, TV serials/programmes , documentary programmes, Music videos and dubbing productions.

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Canary Islands

Blending a diverse selection of scenery and year-round enviable weather, the Canary Islands welcomes international filmmakers with deep film incentives and world-class production support. Nestled off the southern coast of Morocco, the Canary Island’s varied scenery has been featured in films, such as Fast & Furious 6, Clash of the Titans, and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

45%-50% Tax Credit

  • 45-50% direct deduction for foreign productions

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Easily accessible locations, quick access to varied scenery, and generous cash rebates highlight Trinidad as a go to spot for international filmmakers. This Caribbean island provides a multitude of backdrops ranging from white sand beaches, weathered ruins, and dense swamps to historic military forts, modern city centers, and urban areas.

12.5%-35% Cash Rebate

  • 12.5%-35% cash rebate for international productions
  • 20% cash back for hiring local labour

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Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island has played host to hit films and television productions as diverse as its scenery. This Canadian island has provided the backdrop for such notable productions as Twilight Saga: New Moon and Eclipse, X-men Trilogy, and the X-Files series. With a higher available tax credit for international film productions and the ability to emulate everything from Central Park to Napa Valley, this island has much to offer.

28%-56% Tax Credit

  • 28% of qualified BC labour expenditures – basic PSTC tax credit (35% domestic)
  • Plus 6% of qualified BC labour expenditures – regional tax credit (12.5% domestic)
  • Plus 6% of qualified BC labour expenditures – distant regional tax credit
  • Plus 16% tax credit for digital animation or visual effects when you post in BC

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