6 Tips to Travel Like a Pro and Stay Stress Free for the Holidays

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With over 100 million travelers expected this holiday season, traveling for a last minute photo or video shoot may have you in a bah-humbug mood. With overloaded airports and roads, stress and delays seem inevitable, but we have a few simple tips that will help you breeze through travel during the holidays.

Pack Light

Ideally you want to pack only one piece of luggage. If you are flying you might want to think about a sturdy bag and even better if you can fit all your belongings into a carry-on. Going without checked luggage means less time and stress at the airport. Make sure you have all your medications and important documents and a change of clothes in your carry-on case.

To get everything you need into one bag try using cool products like packing squares and cubes. These travel essentials allow clothes to stay folded and neatly packed in their own ‘small drawers” streamlining your packing. If you are flying with presents, remember to not wrap them ahead of time as TSA agents will just unwrap them.

Cancel Out the Noise

We can all use a moment to ourselves to relax, especially when traveling. Noise-cancelling headphones are useful for drowning out airplane ambient noise. Your head will thank you!

Avoid Getting Hungry

Being a hungry traveler is never a good idea. Remember to pack snacks and drinks so you will be fueled up and ready for your trip. Definitely grab something to eat before you board the plane just in case you end up sitting on the tarmac for longer than you anticipated.

Stain-Removing Pen

When traveling, you may not have access to a washing machine and we all know stains and spills are bound to happen. Make sure to pack a stain-removing pen to keep your clothes looking fresh. I also love traveling with a Febreze spray bottle, they come in 3 ounce plastic containers which are perfect for airline travel.

Pre-load Entertainment

Download any music or movies onto your phone or tablet before you head out. Pack essential electronics like phones, chargers, e-readers, and cameras in a place that is easily accessible.

Bring Non-electronic Entertainment

Travel delays are common during the holiday season, which means you and the other hundreds of people on your flight will be facing off for the very limited number of power outlets at the gate. If your smartphone or laptop dies and you can’t recharge it, you’ll be glad you brought a book or a few Sudoku puzzles to keep you entertained.

Remember to Keep the Holiday Spirit. A little smile and positive attitude goes a long way!

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