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Want to make an impact with your next film or video?  It’s all about the visuals!  Shooting in a location with mind-blowing scenery not only makes you memorable to your audience, but it also gives you a creative inspiration that is hard to duplicate.  To help you find that one-of-a-kind place we took our 15 years of experience and knowledge providing production crews around the world and made a list of the top 10 stunning cities for your next video production shoot.   You won’t believe some of these amazing places!

Miami, Florida

From ancient history to urban charm, Miami has it all including a one-of-kind outdoor museum of modern graffiti and one of the oldest buildings in the Western Hemisphere.

Video Production Ideas:
· Film your next video in an abandoned museum for an urban feel.
· Looking to film the next Game of Thrones? The St. Bernard de Clairvaux is your venue.

Shanghai, China

Coined the city on top of the sea this thriving city in China is the eighth largest in the world. Home to high-rise apartments, the largest world fair, and even an area known as the “Paris of the East.”

Video Production Ideas:
· Shanghai, the new Paris!
· Gorgeous architecture and Chinese temples will get your creative juices flowing.

Cape Town, South Africa

Marvel in Cape Town’s vast scenery of white sandy coastal shores, lush mountain ranges and architecture influenced by a true melting pot of inhabitants.

Video Production Ideas:
· If you are looking for a unique spotlight, South Africa’s abandoned underground canals might be your ticket.
· Stony Point, just outside Cape Town, is home to a community of penguins exploring kelp filled waters.

Amazon River, Peru

Cruise through the Amazon River and capture breathtaking views of magnificent plants and animal life unlike anywhere else in the world.

Video Production Ideas:
· Film the lush natural habitats full of wild plants and rare animal life.
· A unique private water cruise along the Amazon inspires a different kind of architecture.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Witches, voodoo dolls and jazz music might guide you towards the historical city of New Orleans, but its plethora of unique architectural styles, from creole cottages to the grand mansions on St. Charles will make you stay.

Video Production Ideas:
· Try a culinary video tour of the city’s famous gumbo stew, overstuffed po’ boys and the classic jambalaya dishes.
· Capture the very live and active New Orleans dance culture.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney has it all!  Gorgeous beaches, desert outback, sandstone cliffs, bush, waterfalls and a picturesque eucalypt forest will leave with more options than you know what to do with.

Video Production Ideas:
· Try Christmas in the summer and head to Yulefest for scenic landscapes.
· Do your own walk-about in the dense desert of the outback.

Arles, France

Just south of Paris, Arles is said to be home of Vincent Van Gogh. This quaint pastel-hued town offers an outdoor market with colorful fresh produce, cobblestone streets and jazzy cafes.

Video Production Ideas:
· Romance outside of the typical Paris landscape.
· Cafes once painted by famous artist like Vincent Van Gogh.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, also known as the “Marvelous City” celebrated its 450th anniversary this year. This eclectic city is eco-rich in street art, famous for its Carnival Festival, and will be the home to the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Video Production Ideas:
· Take Rio by bike! If you like extreme, think Fast and Furious 6 on you next excursion through these colorful streets.
· Home to the ‘Beautiful Game’ your video inspiration may surround around the passion of soccer fans.

Magnolia Midlands, Georgia

Georgia is home to an ecological and natural marvel known as “Georgia’s Little Amazon.” Hidden treasures like ancient Indian villages, rare wildlife and award winning wines from Meinhardt Vineyards make this a truly unique area.

Video Production Ideas:
· Georgia’s sandy and coastal plains offer more than 500 species of rare plant life, cave-like crevices and magnificent waterfalls.
· Who needs Napa when you can have a lovely vineyard experience minutes away from Georgia’s coast!

Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia’s Cartagena is a serene city revealing breezy coasts and colorful streets at sunset. Founded in 1533, this historical destination offers colonial architecture, generations-old cobblestone streets, and 400-year old homes.

Video Production Ideas:
· If you are looking for color and vitality, Cartagena exudes it.
· Film your next pirate filled action film in San Felipe Castle.

Want to Find Out More

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Photo Credit:Table Mountain National Park, South Africa by miquitos, on Flickr