Planner’s Guide to Organizing a Meeting, Conference, or Convention in Peru

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Planner’s Guide to Organizing a Meeting, Conference, or Convention in Peru

Thanks to major investments in infrastructure, luxury hotels, and exclusive convention centers, Peru has quickly become a hot destination for large-scale conferences, conventions, and meetings. Besides offering a variety of venues in the main cities and top-quality services, Peru also has amazing cuisine and a unique geography that make it that much more appealing as a destination.

Quick Stats

  • Capital: Lima
  • Population31,151,643 (estimate)
  • Country Code: +51
  • Time Zone: Peru Time (PET) UFC –5 hours
  • Official LanguagesSpanishQuechuaAymara
  • Electricity220V / 60Hz
  • AirportJorge Chavez International (LIM)
  • CurrencyNuevo Sol (PEN), US dollar is accepted in most shops, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels
  • Credit Cards and TravelerCheques widely accepted? Yes
  • Sales Tax19.00%
  • Standard Tipping Practice10%
  • Average Hotel Room Rate: PEN 701
  • Average Daily Meal Cost: PEN 250
  • Average Weekly Car Rental: PEN 813


Peru is located on the western side of South America.  With an area of 1’285,215 square km (496,225 sq mi), Peru is bigger than France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, and Switzerland combined. It is the third largest country in South America and bordered to the north by Ecuador and Colombia, to the east by Brazil and Bolivia, to the south by Chile and to the west by the waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Summer (December-March) – temperatures can reach 27ºC (80ºF);
Winter (May-October) – damp and chilly, with temperatures falling to 12ºC (53ºF)
The far north coast enjoys sunshine all year round, with temperatures reaching 35ºC (95ºF) in the summer.

Dry season (May-October) – sunny days, very cold nights and scant rainfall
Rain season (December-March) – temperatures can often vary widely during the same day, from 20ºC (68ºF) to 2ºC (35ºF)

Summer or dry season (April to October) – sunny days and temperatures above 30ºC (86ºF)
Rain season (November to March) – frequent showers and high river levels

Traveling to Peru

Visa Entry Requirements
Most citizens from the Americas and Western Europe do not need a visa to enter Peru. Citizens of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Chile may enter with their valid national identification document.

Visit VisaHQ for country specific visa information or contact the Peruvian Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Cities with Direct Flights To LIM
North America – New York, Newark, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Mexico, and Toronto
Europe –  Madrid, Paris, and Amsterdam
Latin America – Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Guayaquil, La Habana, La Paz, Mexico, Panama, Quito, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Sao Paulo, San Jose de Costa Rica, and Santo Domingo

Airlines Destinations
Aerolíneas Argentinas Buenos Aires–Ezeiza
Aeroméxico Mexico City
Air Canada Rouge Toronto–Pearson
Air Europa Madrid
Air France Paris–Charles de Gaulle
American Airlines Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami
Avianca Bogotá
Avianca Costa Rica San José (CR), Rio de Janeiro–Galeão
Avianca Ecuador Guayaquil, La Paz, Quito, Santa Cruz de la Sierra–ViruViru
Avianca El Salvador San Salvador
Avianca Peru Asunción, Bogotá, Buenos Aires–Ezeiza, Cali, Cancún, Caracas, Havana, Medellín–JMC, Mexico City, Miami, Montevideo, Porto Alegre, Punta Cana, San Salvador, Santiago de Chile, São Paulo–Guarulhos
British Airways London-Gatwick
Copa Airlines Panama City
Delta Air Lines Atlanta
Iberia Madrid
Interjet Mexico City
JetBlue Airways Fort Lauderdale
KLM Amsterdam
LATAM Argentina Buenos Aires–Ezeiza, Mendoza(begins 2 February 2017)
LATAM Brasil São Paulo–Guarulhos
LATAM Chile Los Angeles, New York–JFK, Santiago de Chile
LATAM Colombia Bogotá
LATAM Ecuador Guayaquil, Quito, Buenos Aires–Ezeiza
LATAM Paraguay Asunción
LATAM Perú Antofagasta, Barcelona (begins 15 December 2016),[23] Bogotá, Buenos Aires–Ezeiza, Cancún, Caracas, Cartagena (resumes 3 January 2017),[24] Córdoba, Foz do Iguaçu, Havana, La Paz, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, Montevideo, Orlando–International, Punta Cana, Rosario, Salta, Santa Cruz de la Sierra–Viru Viru, Santiago de Chile, São Paulo–Guarulhos, Washington-Dulles
LC Perú Andahuaylas, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Chiclayo, Cuzco, Huánuco, Huaraz, Jauja, Tingo María, Trujillo
Peruvian Airlines Arequipa, Cuzco, Iquitos, Piura, Pucallpa, Tacna, Tarapoto, La Paz
Plus Ultra LíneasAéreas Madrid
Sky Airline Santiago de Chile
Spirit Airlines Fort Lauderdale
Star Perú Cuzco, Huánuco, Iquitos, Pucallpa, Puerto Maldonado, Tarapoto
TAME Guayaquil
United Airlines Houston–Intercontinental, Newark
Viva Colombia Bogotá

Entry Points by Land
Ecuador: Aguas Verdes (Tumbes) via the Panamericana Highway and La Tina (Piura) from the city of Loja
Bolivia: Desaguadero and Kasani, for travelers coming from La Paz and Copacabana
Chile: Paso the Santa Rosa (Santa Rosa Pass) (Tacna) via the Panamericana Highway

Hotels with Meeting Rooms


Sheraton Lima Hotel & Convention Center
Sleeping Rooms 431
Meeting Rooms 17
Largest MtgRm 15,802 Sq. Ft.
Meeting Space 45,000 Sq. Ft.
The Westin Lima Hotel & Convention Center
Sleeping Rooms 301
Meeting Rooms 20
Largest MtgRm 17,734 Sq. Ft.
Meeting Space 30,000 Sq. Ft.
El Pueblo Resort & Convention Center
Sleeping Rooms 218
Meeting Rooms 10
Largest MtgRm 1,600 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 3,000 Sq. Mtr.
Delfines Hotel & Casino
Sleeping Rooms 206
Meeting Rooms 14
Largest MtgRm 5,627 Sq. Ft.
Meeting Space 25,000 Sq. Ft.
Maria Angola Hotel and Casino
Sleeping Rooms 84
Meeting Rooms 7
Largest MtgRm
Meeting Space 25,000 Sq. Ft.
Country Club Lima Hotel
Sleeping Rooms 83
Meeting Rooms 14
Largest MtgRm 600 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 2,500 Sq. Mtr
Swissotel Lima
Sleeping Rooms 345
Meeting Rooms 12
Largest MtgRm 6,664 Sq. Ft.
Meeting Space 15,000 Sq. Ft.
JW Marriott Hotel Lima
Sleeping Rooms 300
Meeting Rooms 10
Largest MtgRm 550 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 1,400 Sq. Mtr.
Hilton Lima Miraflores
Sleeping Rooms 207
Meeting Rooms 9
Largest MtgRm 3,660 Sq. Ft.
Meeting Space 12,000 Sq. Ft.
Sol de Oro Suites Hotel
Sleeping Rooms 117
Meeting Rooms 8
Largest MtgRm 430 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 1,100 Sq. Mtr.
Gran Hotel Bolivar
Sleeping Rooms 99
Meeting Rooms 6
Largest MtgRm 597 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 1,100 Sq. Mtr.
Sonesta Hotel El Olivar Lima
Sleeping Rooms 134
Meeting Rooms 12
Largest MtgRm 319 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 1,000 Sq. Mtr.
Melia Lima
Sleeping Rooms 180
Meeting Rooms 13
Largest MtgRm 131 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 800 Sq. Mtr.
Belmond Miraflores Park – Lima, Peru
Sleeping Rooms 81
Meeting Rooms 7
Largest MtgRm 247 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 700 Sq. Mtr.
Wyndham Costa del Sol Lima
Sleeping Rooms 144
Meeting Rooms 7
Largest MtgRm
Meeting Space 700 Sq. Mtr.



Belmond Hotel Monasterio
Sleeping Rooms 125
Meeting Rooms 3
Largest MtgRm 200 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 1,600 Sq. Mtr.
Palacio Del Inka, A Luxury Collection Hotel
Sleeping Rooms 203
Meeting Rooms 6
Largest MtgRm 243 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 900 Sq. Mtr.
JW Marriott El Convento Cusco
Sleeping Rooms 153
Meeting Rooms 5
Largest MtgRm 625 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 900 Sq. Mtr.
Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado – Sacred Valley, Peru
Sleeping Rooms 23
Meeting Rooms 3
Largest MtgRm 500Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 600 Sq. Mtr.



Hotel Libertador Arequipa
Sleeping Rooms 88
Meeting Rooms 4
Largest MtgRm 435Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 800Sq. Mtr.
Aranwa Pueblito Encantado del Colca
Sleeping Rooms 41
Meeting Rooms 8
Largest MtgRm 327Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 600Sq. Mtr.



WinMeier Hotel & Casino
Sleeping Rooms 94
Meeting Rooms 14
Largest MtgRm 600 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 1,200 Sq. Mtr.
Casa Andina Select Chiclayo
Sleeping Rooms 130
Meeting Rooms
Largest MtgRm
Meeting Space 7,000 Sq. Mtr.



Wyndham Costa del Sol Cajamarca
Sleeping Rooms 71
Meeting Rooms 5
Largest MtgRm
Meeting Space 1,000 Sq. Mtr.



Hotel Las Dunas
Sleeping Rooms 132
Meeting Rooms 5
Largest MtgRm 540 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 1,000 Sq. Mtr.



Wyndham Costa del Sol Piura
Sleeping Rooms 95
Meeting Rooms 7
Largest MtgRm
Meeting Space 800 Sq. Mtr.



Ucayali River Hotel
Sleeping Rooms 102
Meeting Rooms 9
Largest MtgRm
Meeting Space 1,800 Sq. Mtr.



Los Conquistadores Hotel
Sleeping Rooms 50
Meeting Rooms 6
Largest MtgRm 676 Sq. Mtr.
Meeting Space 1,500 Sq. Mtr.

Conference Interpreters in Peru

The right interpreter can be the difference between success and disaster for your event, so finding one to fit your exact needs is crucial.  The Global Media Desk has professionally trained interpreters with proven track records throughout Peru.   Our Interpreting Specialists will work with you to find the perfect interpreters to fit your needs and help make your event a complete success.   Contact us today to find out more about booking one of our top-rated conference interpreters.

Event Photography Services in Peru

When you need the absolute best images for your event without the hassle, the choice is easy. We have been providing event photographers in Peru for over 15 years and our clients come back to us time and again.  Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will provide the highest-quality local event photographer in Peru tailored to fit your needs. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business.

Videography Services in Peru

Specializing in conferences, trade shows, product launches, and newsworthy events of all kinds, our event videographers know how to capture the moment in a clear, journalistic fashion.  Your event footage can be edited and distributed on DVD, in video press kits, over the Internet via webcast, or even live via satellite. Find out more about our experienced and respected local videographers in Peru.


The diversity of Peru’s agricultural production, microclimates, geography, and multiple cultures create many memorable culinary dishes.

  • Aji de Gallina –  Shredded chicken is cooked with a sauce of milk, onions, chilies, garlic, walnuts and cheese. It is served over rice.
  • Anticuchos – Brochettes of cow hearts marinated in vinegar and ‘Panca’ chilies, roasted on the grill.
  • Carapulcra – Steamed dried potatoes stewed with pork and chicken, ‘Panca’ and ‘Mirasol’ chilies, garlic and other spices.
  • Cau Cau – Stewed mondongo (tripe) cut into small pieces with potato, ‘palillo’ and mint.
  • Causa – Yellow potato dough seasoned with ground chilies and filled with tuna or chicken.
  • Ceviche – Fish fillet cut into pieces cooked with lemon, onion and hot Limo chilies.
  • Lomo Saltado – Strips of beef fried with onion, tomato, chilies and various herbs. Served with chips and rice.
  • Papa a la Huancaina – Sliced Boiled Potatoes covered in a cheesy, slightly spicy yellow sauce (which contains Turmeric) served on top of lettuce. This dish is usually garnished with a quarter of a hard-boiled egg and sometimes with olives too.
  • Papa Rellena – Mashed potato rolled into balls or ovals and then stuffed with ground meat and spices. They are then deep fried is the outside is a crispy brown.
  • Rococo Relleno –  Stuffed Rococo peppers with a kick (they’re a little hot/spicy). They are usually filled with meat, onions, egg whites, olives and sometimes with nuts.
    Restaurante Bolivariano
  • Tacu Tacu – Refried beans tossed with rice and accompanied with breaded or coated beef and an onion sauce.


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