6 Essential Apps When Traveling for a Film or Photo Shoot

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6 Essential Apps When Traveling for a Film or Photo Shoot

Helpful and highly rated travel apps for your next project abroad

Traveling in the digital age has never been easier thanks to some pretty cool and innovative apps.   With just a swipe and a click you can access paperless bookings, digital boarding passes, e-confirmations, local tips, and much more.  Whether you are a director scouting a location for your next film or a photographer shooting the latest cover of a magazine, you will want to check out these helpful and highly rated travel apps.

Tripit – Organization and Planning

Tripit is a mobile travel app that helps organize everything from your business schedule, hotel reservations, flight confirmations, and even important documents like passports, all in one convenient location. Cost: Free for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows

  • Turns your email confirmations into an organized itinerary
  • Includes maps, directions, calendar and social sharing
  • 4-star rating (iOS)
  • Internet access needed

Smart Traveler – Safety

The United States Department of State has created a pretty nifty and basic looking app that lets the traveler access up-to-the minute information on warnings, natural disasters, or political uprisings in any part of the world. Cost: Free available for iOS, Android and Windows

  • Great app for traveling photographers or film crews entering less stable regions
  • Allows you to e-register at the local U.S. embassy or consulate
  • Stay informed on travel advisories anywhere in the world
  • 3-star rating (iOS)
  • Internet access needed

Like A Local – Local Information

Like a Local takes you off the beaten path for a  ‘insider’ traveling experience. You can find guides on hotels, restaurants, and bar options all created by locals living in that city who know their way around. You even have the  ability to use the app offline. Of course you will have to remember to download the guides over WiFi before setting out, but the app is pretty easy to use. Cost: Free, but you do have to pay for the individual guides.

  • Avoid the tourist traps and create your own local experience
  • Best coverage is in Europe
  • Can access offline

Findery – Social Sharing

Findery is a social sharing app that combines Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter all-in-one to share your traveling stories. The app lets you leave a digital note in the form of a photo, video, text, or a music clip for others to discover. Cost: Free, available for both iOS and Android

  • You can create a social network with friends within the app or keep your notes private
  • Discover new sites, or learn something new about a favorite location
  • 5-star rating (iOS)

Pocket Light Meter – Film and Photo Essentials

A light meter is an indispensable gadget for any filmmaker or photographer. And one that fits right in your pocket or purse is even better. This nifty app measures reflected light and allows reciprocity calculations.Cost: Free

  • Great app for filmmakers and photographers on location
  • 4+ star rating
  • Can access offline

Amount – Currency Converter

Looking to convert just about anything in one simple app? Amount not only converts currencies, but also area, density, and electric current, in a very clean and simple interface.

  • Over 700 units across more than 30 categories
  • Real time conversions in one screen
  • Create customized lists
  • 4+ star rating
  • Internet access needed

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