4 Ways Sporting Events are Upping the Game in Digital Marketing

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4 Ways Sporting Events are Upping the Game in Digital Marketing

Engagement, passion and connection are what turn your average customer into a devoted fan. No industry understands this more than the sports industry. Sporting events from around the world are finding new and inventive ways for technology and media to create new fans and we all can learn a few tricks from the experts.


Aerial photography and video is the wave of the future and the sports industry is charging full steam ahead. All access angles, impossible shots and never before seen footage are just a few of the ways fans are being introduced to a whole new look inside their favorite teams. The Sacramento Kings are prospecting the use of drones for exclusive in-arena camera angles and instant replays to be delivered straight to their fans’ smartphones. Digital Marketing tip: Drones can give a new spin on an old concept. Use it to give your customers an exclusive view.

Social Media

A recent study by Cisco found that 57% of sports fans prefer to watch games at home on their television. So how do you engage with a fan who is sitting at home? Until recently it was almost impossible, but now social media makes it easy. Platforms like Instagram, Snap Chat and Facebook provide a plethora of ways to make fans a part of the experience by sharing videos, comments, content and photos. Digital Marketing tip: Social media is your front line to engage with customers. Use it to turn a passive customer into an active one.

Mobile Technology

Imagine getting an alert on your phone as soon as you walk into a stadium notifying you a seat upgrade is available to purchase directly on your phone. Once seated, you use your smartphone to order up a plate of nachos and beer to be delivered right to your seat, never missing the action. And, when nature calls, bring up the stadium’s app to direct you to the nearest restroom with the smallest wait time. In case you do miss an important play, use your phone to watch an instant replay via the stadium-exclusive video feed. These are all technologies being integrated into smart-arenas all over the world to keep you connected to the thing you love – the game. Digital Marketing tip: The possibilities for mobile technology are endless! Use it to make your customer’s experience as quick, helpful, easy and care-free as possible.

Mobile Video

With 70% of fans bringing a mobile device to the stadium, capturing this new “second screen” viewing system  opened up a whole new avenue for marketing to sport fans. The NBA partnered with YouTube to host highlight compilations and recaps of recent games to let fans watch on demand. Some stadiums even include special fan invitations to pre-game warm-ups and post-game press conferences. Digital Marketing tip: Mobile video marketing should be a part of every marketing plan. Use it to capture your customer’s attention at every phase.

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